About us

A transformative journey of self-discovery and oneness during a sustainable safari. Indulge all of your senses in the untamed rawness of the Greater Kruger Park region.


The Royal Ingwe River Lodge

As a family-owned and run establishment, we are defined by our warm-hearted team whose genuine hospitality and intimate knowledge of South Africa honors all that we do. As stewards of this land, our commitment to conservation, community engagement and sustainable tourism extends beyond the borders of Olifants West Nature Reserve; it defines our innate ethos to promote wildlife conservation and biodiversity while advocating for mindful exploration of the natural world while on safari.

Identity and Heritage

Our Identity and Heritage

Royal Ingwe River Lodge is a family-run luxury lodge owned by the Heuer family, who fell in love with the area and the conservation idea from the very first moment.

Driven by their wish to allow travellers from all over the world to experience these special moments, the area, and its people, the Heuers bought their first property in 2011. The latest addition, the old Singwe Lodge and its properties was acquired in 2021, followed by an entire rebuild of the lodge and facilities that started in June 2021.

The lodge is committed to an eco-friendly approach and maintains a close exchange with stakeholders, including the reserve, conservationists, environmental departments, and water affairs. The unique location right on the banks of the mighty Olifants River adds to the lodge’s charm and appeal.


Why we are doing it

We love what we do! We understand that our guests give their most valued asset – their time – and trade it for experiences, memories, and a great stay. It is our privilege and responsibility to take care of this high-value asset. We want our guests to leave with a smile, a tear, and lots of exciting memories.

Our mission is multifaceted. We support conservation efforts, which need tourists and their financial contributions. We are dedicated to community upliftment and empowerment, developing skills in people for a better life. We aim to give back to the environment and the people, inspired by the beauty of the land and the principles of ecotourism.

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Values & mission

  • Commitment to sustainability and wildlife conservation, support of Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit, the Bush Babies Environmental Education Program and The Pangolin Collective
  • Sourcing locally or supporting local community projects
  • Sustainability practices
  • Empowering people
  • Staff welfare
  • Guests and Staff Safety
  • Extensive and high-quality guest experience
  • Opportunities for guests to learn about the local ecosystem, conservation, and culture through educational programs
  • Exclusive stay for a maximum of 22 guests, offering privacy and providing enough time for each guest and optimally serving their wishes.
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