Sustainability is our standard

At Royal Ingwe River Lodge, our dedication to sustainability encompasses environmental stewardship and wildlife preservation, driven by a genuine desire to benefit nature

sustainable luxury

Our thoughtfully selected stakeholders and suppliers mirror our sincere intention to do good by nature, not because it’ is expected of us, but because it’ is an innate part of how we engage with the world in all that we do.

With a deliberate focus on low environmental impact and hand-made eco-luxe décor, Royal Ingwe River Lodge camouflages itself with its natural surroundings.

The five-star lodge is a portal to a world untouched by human development. Here you can experience how conservation-driven luxury travel, intentional sustainability and social commitment seamlessly complement each other to protect South Africa’s most important resources, while positively impacting the greater Hoedspruit region.



Guardians of the wild

Our environment-first approach to conservation aims to preserve Africa’s wild ecosystems for biodiversity and future generations.

Olifants West Nature Reserve prioritises responsible ecotourism by offering luxury safari accommodation near Hoedspruit. Our wildlife viewing and conservation-centric business model means we do not have to rely on trophy hunting like some other game reserves in the greater Kruger region.

Everything we do at Royal Ingwe River Lodge is defined by a conservation-driven approach that honours Africa’s unspoiled landscapes, protects its wildlife and preserves biodiversity. Our unforgettable photographic safaris – whether from a game drive vehicle, during a guided walking safari, in the privacy of a bird hide, or along the riverbank – place Mother Nature first.

Our ongoing partnership with a number of conservation organisations around the Kruger National Park allow you, our valued guest, to become an active participant in helping us sustain this important ecological equilibrium. We hope that one day, your children will continue this legacy of conservation.


Guardians of the wild

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

At Royal Ingwe River Lodge, we want to foster a world where rhinos roam freely.

As part of our deeply-rooted conservation efforts, we created one home for the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit within an historical farmhouse on our private property within Olifants West Nature Reserve — this even preceded the opening of our lodge because we understand the importance of conservation as a precursor to sustainable responsible tourism. The least we could do is offer them a safe space, so that they may easily patrol the unfenced areas bordering the Kruger National Park.

The Black Mambas are the world’s  first all-female, anti-poaching unit comprising 36 unarmed tribal women, who demonstrate that community empowerment, engagement and education are powerful tools in their arsenal of grassroots conservation initiatives. Their approach extends beyond traditional law enforcement, instead, they cultivate a spirit of conservation within communities surrounding Hoedspruit and the Greater Kruger region.

Their Bush Babies program empowers youth to recognize the long-term value of protecting the environment while inspiring a new generation of conservationists. Since their formation in 2013, the Black Mambas have reduced poaching activities in the area by 93%, and at the opening of Royal Ingwe in March 2024, we celebrated 400 days without a wild animal falling prey to poaching.


Pangolin Collective

Saving the world’s most trafficked mammal
is no easy feat.

Saving the world’s most trafficked mammal is no easy feat. The Pangolin Collective is a dedicated team of researchers, wildlife experts, vets, rehabilitators and anti-poaching units who use scientific research, advocacy efforts and community engagement to save pangolins from extinction. The non-profit actively collaborates with law enforcement to dismantle global pangolin trafficking networks.

Confiscated or rescued pangolins are rehabilitated, released back into the wild and monitored in what is a time-consuming and costly process. The group is building a critical body of knowledge on pangolin behaviour and ecology to further inform conservation efforts.

Here at Royal Ingwe River Lodge, our contribution is to support the Pangolin Collective and to raise awareness among our guests, as well as employees, about the threatening situation these animals are facing.

save pangolins from extinction
Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive has used a data-driven approach to monitor, study and protect more than 2 000 African elephants in the Greater Kruger Park region, near Royal Ingwe River Lodge.

The non-profit’s research on elephant behaviour, movements, migration patterns and population dynamics over the last 25 years has improved community awareness and informed the development of long-term conservation strategies.

Through their collaboration with donors, conservation organisations, other NPOs, government agencies and communities surrounding Hoedspruit, Elephants Alive has promoted coexistence between elephants and people, while mitigating human-elephant conflict.

The organisation continues to monitor the impact of biodiversity and habitat loss through the surveillance of elephant impact on over 3 000 trees. To date, it has protected over 1 500 of these trees to help preserve the ecological integrity of South Africa’s protected areas.